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About Car with bad credit!

If you are viewing this site then it’s likely that you have been struggling to get car finance approval – often from many different providers or so-called bad credit specialist companies. At Car with bad credit, we are here to offer a solution to any UK resident who has been presented with this problem and just needs a helping hand in the right direction to secure that confirmation of car finance approval.

Your choice of car

Put simply at Car with bad credit you can choose your own vehicle and we will arrange payment rather than us simply offering you a particular car. Just because you have been termed as a Bad credit car customer it shouldn’t mean that you also have to compromise on the choice of vehicle you drive and we are happy to be able to offer any UK car or van to our customers. You are even able to simply choose the dealership you want to purchase the car from and we will do the rest. A car with bad credit doesn’t mean that you have to suffer driving around in a car you don’t like – simply give us your preferred model and monthly budget and let one of our experienced finance consultants do the rest. Many of our customers have already found the car they would like and have just found out that the dealership has been unable to get them approved for car finance.

Car Finance with bad credit

Once you have been classified as a credit risk by mainstream lenders, car dealerships, and their funders it is often a very frustrating period. In the current financial climate, many UK consumers have found that they have no alternative other than to look to get a car with bad credit finance due to the way that both high street banks, car finance providers, Main dealerships, and car leasing providers assess the applications they receive. This is due to the way that they credit score the proposals they receive – with those deemed to be any kind of higher potential risk suffering rejection and a decline decision on their credit file. With cars with bad credit, our panel of lenders are all fully committed to this sector of the market and so are much more able to look at your application based on your current ability to pay rather than what has happened in the past. Underwriting decisions are based upon a much more lenient system and if the case requires it – will be looked into by hand with 2 months’ bank statements being used to support your profile and general ability to make the monthly payments.

Types of Credit problems we deal with

At Car with bad credit, we simply take over where the other funders finish and can support applications ranging from a couple of missed or late payments on a credit card right up to previous bankruptcy or house repossession! The reasons many of our customers have differs from case to case but typically we get approved proposals even with the following factors; defaults or default notices for multiple missed payments, CCJ or county court judgment, debt management plans, IVA, mortgage arrears, Trust Deed in Scotland, house repossession and even just a low credit rating.

Who we are?

Car with bad credit are specialists in finding our customers solutions to securing car finance or leasing approval even with a credit profile that would be unacceptable in the eyes of the mainstream lenders and is fully licensed under the FCA Authorisation Number 709303.

Where we are based

Car with bad credit The Motor Place Limited 243 Heneage Road Grimsby North East Lincolnshire DN32 9JE
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