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How It Works

How it works

Applying for a car with bad credit has never been simpler thanks to the excellent underwriting procedures we have in place – meaning that typically you can expect a decision in principal within 24 hours and often this time can be a lot less!


Application completed

Once you have decided that you wish to proceed with your bad credit car application you simply complete a secure online proposal form on our website under the Apply page or by following any of the other links. This is where we need the main details of any bad credit case and so you will complete sections such as name, date of birth, address, and other basics such as employer details, etc.


Email confirmation

When this has been sent you will also receive a confirmation email so that you know that the information has been received and that it is now in the system for one of Car with bad credit finance advisors to deal with. At this stage, we would often require speaking with you so if you want to speed things up why not give us a call at 01472 733007 to get things rolling? The consultant that is allocated your case may at this point also try to contact you using an 01472 telephone number as we are based in the Grimsby area, or by text message, or by personal email. Put simply you can be assured that we will use every technology at our disposal to make sure communication lines are open for you and that you will never have difficulties in getting hold of someone.


Further information

At this point, it may well be decided by the underwriting team that they require additional information to proceed with full approval, and due to the nature of the type of finance, we arrange it’s common to have to supply two months’ bank statements to support cases. These can be emailed, faxed, or posted in the office and we can even accept screenshots taken from online banking accounts. As each case is different there may be other proofs of info we ask for and your expert advisor will work closely with our pre-underwriting team to ensure nothing is missed out so that we can send it all across to the lender for a very quick turnaround time.


Pick your car from any dealer

If you can’t decide on which vehicle you would like or are struggling to find the right one – A car with bad credit can simply apply for a credit limit for you so that once approved you can just go car shopping. This method will mean that you are just like any other car buyer and you will also have peace of mind that you can walk into any dealership with the car finance in place. Many customers use this knowledge to negotiate with the salesman for extra discounts due to the extra confidence it brings when discussing prices. If you require any help during the sourcing of your new vehicle please speak to your advisor as this is what they love doing for customers and we can make sure that the price is where it’s supposed to be using our trade systems.


Approved Car finance or car Loan

Ok – now we have the green light and the full approval for the car loan amount that you require for the bad credit finance and so if you haven’t already selected the vehicle – now is the time to confirm this. From this point actually paying the dealer for the car can be done very quickly and we have seen this completed within 48 hours so your wait is nearly over!


Getting your car finance documents

The process can be seen in the stages below;

Provide your consultant with the vehicle details, registration number, price of the car, and mileage.
Sign and return the car finance documents that will be emailed to you – following all instructions.
Send us a copy of any proofs that are required.
The supplying car dealer will be paid directly into their bank.
Collect the vehicle or sign for delivery.

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