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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you just turn up at webuyanycar?

If you haven’t scheduled an appointment online, you can just phone your local branch. You don’t always need one but making a reservation guarantees that we’ll be prepared for your visit and that we’ll have enough time to inspect your car at the branch.

What are the benefits of using We buy any car?

Webuyanycar offers a straightforward, speedy, and guaranteed sale without the headache of a private sale or the haggling of a part exchange. Additionally, you can save money on your future car by choosing to only buy with cash. We have more than 2 million customers because of it, making us the preferred vehicle purchase service in the UK.

Who does webuyanycar sell their cars to

The vehicles purchased by after purchase are then sold at (BCA) British Car Auctions, which operates under the UK Car Group’s name. The majority of buyers at these auctions are from the motor trade industry, and they only want to pay at a trade price since they plan to resell the vehicle.

How many We Buy Any Car branches are there in the UK

Simply arrange an appointment at one of our UK locations, there are now over 500. so there’s bound to be one nearby. Find out the one nearest to you using your postcode here:

Does my car need to be cleaned for webuyanycar?

Whether you wash it yourself or have it professionally valeted, a clean, bright vehicle can appear more appealing than one that is dirty and overflowing with rubbish.

Do We Buy Any Car Rip You Off

The main frustration is that “we buy any car” does not really pay what they state online, however, there is no proof that wants to take advantage of anyone. In the end, if you accept their offer, it’s hard to hold them responsible for it being too low.

Who owns We Buy Any Car’s parent company, BCA, was acquired by private equity firm TDR Capital in November 2019 for an estimated £1.9 billion. Less than 4 years after celebrating 1 million purchases, the company purchased its 2 millionth vehicle in September 2020, marking a significant milestone.

Do We Buy Any Car check for faults?

We do advise that you report any faults or damage because they can have an impact on the final appraisal. Faults or damage can be added at your visit or after completing a valuation on the valuation confirmation page. But damaged cars in need of repair are also bought.


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